My Omega Experience – Part 2

Most fields in the medical profession require, or at least recommend, continuing education on an annual basis. Continuing education ensures that practitioners stay current in their respective fields of specialty. Professional societies in the hypnosis field, i.e. the National Guild of Hypnotists, International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association, etc. also require continuing education to maintain membership status. Since my specialty is past life regression hypnosis, I am always looking for opportunities to learn new techniques and different approaches on the subject.

Pathways to Healing Hypnosis in Indianapolis represented at the Omega Institute

I attended my first Brian Weiss workshop at the Omega Institute in the summer of 2011. Dr. Weiss is one of the world’s leading experts on reincarnation and past life regression. Even after my first workshop, I knew I would return one day for another past life regression training course. I was extremely lucky to land a spot in Dr. Weiss’ summer training at the Omega Institute. Dr. Weiss’ trainings are highly sought out and coveted by past life regression hypnotists and hypnotherapists world-wide.

Past life regression experiential learning opportunity for Pathways to Healing Hypnosis

Not only did I have another opportunity for experiential learning with the world’s leading authority on past life regressions, but I also had a chance to work with hypnotherapists from all over the world. Some of my fellow students had decades of experience facilitating past life regressions, yet still sought out the opportunity to further refine their skills with such a renowned expert in this field. There was a wealth of knowledge with these highly experienced past life regression therapists. I had fascinating discussions with these individuals as we shared our experiences facilitating past life regressions. On the other hand, there were students that were new to the hypnosis field who actively sought out the more experienced individuals in the class to enhance their learning experience. I was asked to coach several of these students. This was a highly rewarding experience.

Why choose Pathways to Healing Hypnosis in Indianapolis for your past life regression experience?

Overall, this continuing education opportunity helped to expand my knowledge and skills, provided valuable networking opportunities, and more importantly, allowed me to get my questions answered and close my learning gaps (everyone has them!) with THE EXPERT in the field of past life regression hypnosis. Thanks to all of my past life regression training and experience, I am very confident in my ability to provide some of the best past life regression hypnosis in Indianapolis! Please feel free to contact Pathways to Healing Hypnosis in Indianapolis to learn more about past life regressions.

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