My Omega Experience – Part 3

Past life regressions in Indianapolis

It has been nearly one year since my last past life regression training with Dr. Brian Weiss, MD, at the Omega Institute. Reflecting back over the past year, I find myself asking, “What was the single most important thing I learned from the world’s leading expert on past life regression therapy?” Even though this past life regression training was infinitely valuable on many levels, my answer is very simple – the “non-induction” induction. A hypnosis induction is a process that a hypnotist uses to “induce” a trance state. Not all induction techniques work for every individual. The hypnotist must possess the knowledge and skills to select the best technique for the client – there is no one-size-fits-all approach for inducing a hypnotic trance.

What the heck is a “non-induction” induction and how is it used for past life regressions?

Dr. Weiss deomonstrated a past life regression technique that he developed for people who are unable to enter a hypnotic trance using traditional inductions (i.e. progressive relaxation, the Elman technique, rapid inductions, etc.). Dr. Weiss amusingly refers to this technique as the “non-induction” induction. This technique involves the hypnotist slowly and methodically talking and guiding the client into a hypnotic trance using voice cadence and artful conversation. Though most people will have a past life experience using traditional induction techniques, there is a small percentage of the population that has difficulty relaxing the conscious mind adequately enough to enter a hypnotic trance. The “non-induction” induction is perfect for this small segment of the population. During Dr. Weiss’s demonstrations, selected classmates (who had not yet experienced a past life using traditional inductions) were able to have a profound past life experience using the “non-induction” induction. Personally, I have used the “non-induction” induction for clients who were unable to enter a trance state using traditional techniques. The “non-induction induction works beautifully, but it does require time and patience by the hypnotist.

Eliminating chatter for past life regression hypnosis

It is important during hypnosis for clients to eliminate the constant chatter of the conscious mind. Another key takeaway from the class was to encourage clients to practice daily meditation to learn to “quiet the mind.” Even Dr. Weiss admits that it took him 3 months of daily meditation before he was able to have his own past life experience! It took time for him to learn how to quiet his highly analytical conscious mind. During my free consulation, I echo this advice to all of my clients, even though the majority will have a past life experience during their first hypnosis session.


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