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Providing information on past life regression hypnosis in Indianapolis, deja vu, reincarnation, recommended reading listDeja Vu? 

Do you find yourself with an affinity to a specific time and place in history? Are you troubled by fears or phobias that you cannot explain? Have you experienced a lucid dream in which you were dressed in ancient clothing and residing in a different time and place? Do you ever feel an immediate attraction or repulsion to an individual, yet you have never met that person before? All of these and more may be glimpses into your past lives. To explore these experiences, consider a past life regression with Pathways to Healing Hypnosis in Indianapolis. 


Pathways to Healing Hypnosis recognizes that the belief in reincarnation has been around for thousands of years and has flourished in some of our most ancient cultures. For example, reincarnation is a major cornerstone and tradition of both Buddhism and Hinduism. Additionally, there were early Christian references to reincarnation in the New Testament, but these were removed in the fourth century by Emperor Constantine when the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as their official religion. Despite this removal, many church fathers, such as St. Augustine and St. Jerome, accepted the belief in reincarnation. 

How Long Do We Reincarnate?

As immortal souls in mortal bodies, we keep incarnating until we master the lessons of life and love. It is not possible to master all the lessons in a single lifetime. We come back over and over again, as male, female, tall, short, strong, weak, healthy, sick, rich, poor and in all cultural and religious backgrounds. This provides opportunities to expand the nature of our soul. Reincarnation is a progressive process in which the soul is continuously evolving, working on various lessons from lifetime to lifetime. A past life regression through hypnosis can help you discover these lessons.

Providing information on past life regression hypnosis in Indianapolis, deja vu, reincarnation, recommended reading listWhy Past Life Regression Hypnosis?

People seek out past life regression hypnosis/therapy for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is for simple curiosity. Other times it could be to overcome an irrational fear or unwanted behavior or habit. People do not always have a conscious awareness of their most significant life challenges, but their subconscious mind does. During hypnosis, people amazingly receive precisely what will benefit them most emotionally, physically and spiritually. Past life regression hypnosis provide opportunities to learn about karmic patterns and recurring challenges that we face in our present lifetime that may originate in previous lives. Identifying and understanding the source of unwanted behaviors with hypnosis/hypnotherapy can help eliminate the need for patterns that no longer serve us. Past life regression hypnosis provides us with an opportunity to remember, make the connections and find the answers.

The Choice Is Yours

Ultimately, it is up to each person to decide if the concept of reincarnation makes sense to them based on their world view and religious beliefs. Over the past several decades, there has been convincing research, partially supported by past life regression hypnosis, that overwhelmingly confirms the existence of reincarnation (see recommended reading list). Coming from a clinical and scientific background, it was important for me to know of the existence of compelling investigations into reincarnation. These investigations were conducted by highly qualified and distinguished clinicians and researchers that included the use of past life regression hypnosis. I have had the good fortune to formally train with some of the world’s leading experts in reincarnation and past life regression hypnosis including Brian Weiss, MD and Mary Elizabeth Raines. Facilitating past life regressions through hypnosis has now become my passion. If you are curious about reincarnation and want to experience a past life regression, I would be happy to facilitate your exploration into past lives using hypnosis. Pathways to Healing Hypnosis is the premier center for past life regression hypnosis in Indianapolis. Please feel free to contact me for additional information or if you would like to schedule a past life regression hypnosis appointment.

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