T.T., Zionsville, hypnosis for past life regression

The past lives that I visited during my hypnosis session gave me clarity and understanding of why I have behave and feel the way I do. In exploring them, Wendy helped me release a lot of anxiety, guilt, shame and anger that I’ve been carrying way too long. I’ve been able to continue to process the past lives even more since then. I highly recommend her for past life regression hypnosis. 

L.E., Carmel, hypnosis to overcome a sweet addiction

My first experience with hypnosis was a huge success. Wendy is very pleasant and professional and made me feel completely at ease. She has helped me overcome a huge sweet addiction which has made it difficult for me to lose weight. Definitely would recommend to any and all.

J.L., Zionsville, hypnosis for weight loss and eating habits

I contacted Wendy to help me get through the holidays without overeating and staying on my diet. I selected this practice because Wendy is a fellow nurse who focuses her practice solely on hypnosis. I’m so happy that I got through the Thanksgiving weekend without stuffing myself and gaining weight. I now feel that I can face with confidence upcoming holiday parties in December. I’m really surprised how well hypnosis has worked for me!

S.S., Indianapolis, hypnosis for past life regression

I really enjoyed particpating in a recent group past life regression that was facilitated by Wendy. I was surprised that even in a group setting, I was able to relax and go into a hypnotic trance that allowed me to have a past life experience. It was truly an enlightening experience. I’m now looking forward to my individual session. Thanks for all you do!

D.W., Indianapolis, hypnosis for past life regression

I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy on past life regressions. My sessions have fulfilled my quest for answers to some personal, life-long issues. I always leave my appointments feeling more joyful and hopeful than when I arrived. I completely trust Wendy and recommend her for past life regressions.

M.R., Indianapolis, hypnosis for fear of dental procedure

I had 3 sessions with Wendy to help prepare me for a dreaded dental appointment. I had a great experience working with Wendy. She is excellent at what she does and it shows. Thanks to her help, I was able to feel completely calm and relaxed during my procedure. I’d highly recommend her!

J.N., Indianapolis, hypnosis for text anxiety

I’m so glad I discovered Wendy at Pathways to Healing Hypnosis! My 16 year old daughter, who is a straight A student, was having extreme difficulty passing her driving test due to stress and test anxiety. During the driving tests, she would completely fall apart, losing her composure and confidence, and committing serious driving infractions during the exam. She failed the test twice, which further eroded her confidence. My daughter was open to the idea of hypnosis as a solution. It worked wonders for her! After 2 hypnosis sessions, she went to her third driving test completely confident and relaxed and easily passed with a high score. Thank you, Wendy, for helping restore her usual confidence and poise during a test situation. We will definitely recommend you to others!

T.E., Indianapolis, hypnosis for stress and anxiety

I approached Wendy about hypnosis for work-related anxiety dealing with a demanding and difficult boss. I used to feel a lot of stress and anxiety when dealing with unrealistic expectations that I could not complete. I had stress related GI problems that I knew were work related. I was really curious about the benefits of hypnosis and was excited to get started. Wendy exceeded my expectations. I no longer experience the stress and anxiety that affected me over many years. I still have the same boss, but the stress is now gone. I highly recommend Wendy for hypnosis! I was so happy with the result that I referred my husband to Wendy for her stop smoking program.

A.J., Indianapolis, hypnosis for past life regression

I was really curious about past life regression and wanted to try it out. I researched practitioners in the Indianapolis area, and chose Pathways to Healing Hypnosis for several reasons. I liked the fact that Wendy has a solid medical/scientific background, and also that she has a hypnosis-only practice. I also liked that she doesn’t require any other mandatory services in conjunction with a past life regression. Wendy was very personable and patiently answered all my questions, and her office is homey and comfortable (although a little on the chilly side with the AC—make sure you bring a sweater).  The experience itself was fascinating, and I’ve already booked a second session to further explore my past lives. I also bought a past life regression gift certificate for my friend’s birthday since it was such a fun experience. I would definitely recommend Wendy for a past life regression. 

L.H., Indianapolis, hypnosis to improve self confidence

My hypnosis session with Wendy was very helpful then and I’m still realizing the benefits even now. It was also deeply relaxing. I highly recommend Wendy. Her talents & compassion are truly a gift.

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